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Commercial Real Estate Loans

As commercial mortgage brokers, we can arrange favorable and cost effective, small and large balance bank, soft and hard money rate financing for those with A to D credit profiles and other issues.

Commercial Real Estate Loan Rates & Details

Loan Features:​​

  •  Bank Rates from 4.375% to 6.9%
  • Soft and Private Money Rates from 7% to 16.9% I/O
  • $25,000 Min. Loan Amount
  • NO Credit Score Loans
  • Stated Income Loan Option
  • Bridge & Perm Loans, Purchase, Cash Out Refinance, Rate & Term Refinance, Mezzanine, SBA 504 CDC, FHA HUD, Fannie Mae, Joint Venture Equity, USGA 
  • Max Tier 1 LTV up to 80%
  • Max Tier 2 LTV uo to 75%
  • Seller 2nds Up to 80% CLTV
  • Long Term Loans: 15, 20, 25 and 30 years
  • Short Term Loans: 9 mos to 5 years Interest Only
  • Fixed and Adjustable Rates
  • Recent Bankrutcy and Foreclosure
  • Ineligible States include: AR, AK, ND, SD, CA, NV, MD, HI, ID, VT

​​Qualifed Borrowers and Credit Requirements​​
  • Individuals, corporations, LLCs, partnerships, trusts, estates, foreign investors, etc.
  • Joint Ventures , Church Organizations , Landlords, Non-profit Organizations
  • Bad Credit, NO Credit, Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, No Financials, Full Doc  Option
  • Seasoned, skilled sponsors are a plus

​​Property Types​​
  • Multifamily, multi-tenant commercial,  industrial, office, multi-purpose, retail, etc.
  • Agricultural Farm & Ranch Land, Raw Land, Rural & Home Land, Recreational
  • Cross-collateralize on multiple properties for maximum loan amounts
  • Unimproved parcels, residential lots and single-use properties considered based on the specifics​​

​​For any business purpose​​
  • Purchase a property for your business operation or investment purposes
  • Capitalize on time-sensitive opportunities such as the immediate acquisition of undervalued or value-added properties
  • Restructure debt, settle disputes at a discount, buy out partners
  • Cash-out for any reason or refinance to a lower rate and better term

​​Access, Access, Access!​​
  • ECF has access to flexible non-traditional banks, private lenders, hedge funds, etc.
  • We'll identity the absolute best rate and terms available for your unique situation
  • Save time and money. We'll do the leg work while you run your business.​
​​Simple application process
  • Call (855) 577-2500 or e-mail your loan request to: [email protected]
  • ECF’s Commercial Loan Application
​​Fast answers​​
  • Immediate action, steady communication, quick closings
  • Same-day turnaround on ALL loan offers issued
  • We can provide proof of financing letters and close your loans in days when the situation requires
​​To begin our application process,  submit a preliminary application , or contact us at (855) 577-2500.